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What’s in your highlights folder?

Reflection, it’s not always so easy. When looking back it’s often easiest to focus on what went wrong, things you didn’t do, things that could have gone better, things you wish you hadn’t done altogether. I think this is just human nature, our desire for evolution and improvement. So even though (I think) I know this, why is it often so hard to reflect on the positives, and do so concretely, or even sometimes remember them altogether.

Why am I talking about this? Well it’s that time where I need to look back at the last year of my career and assess my performance, my highlights and opportunities for growth.

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Presentation Tips – It’s all about timing

As a Technical Evangelist I have a lot of opportunities to speak to small and large groups of people. This could be online (webinars & blogging etc.) or in person with customers as well as at events and conferences. What I’m getting at is I get to do a fair bit of presenting. I am by no means a “professional presenter” keynoting large conferences (quite the opposite), but I have picked up a few tips (sometimes the hard way) that I’d like to share. I hope this will grow as a series of posts on the subject.

The first is about timing which in regards to presenting I’ll break into two key areas: cadence & time management.

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How I passed my Azure Certification (MCP) Exams

There are countless resources just a quick search a way that will list all the things you should study in preparation for a particular exam. Likely you will find Microsoft Virtual Academy courses, TechNet/MSDN articles, blog posts, books, practice exams and much more. Let me be clear, those are all super useful.

However, I will share how I passed the exams, which is not to say how you can or will, but if you are like me (just a bit?), maybe this will be helpful.

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Not in my job description

This seemingly innocent, possibly factual statement of “not in my job description” gets my blood boiling. Without going into the details of who’s and when’s let’s just say I’ve been hearing this more and more from people as they complain about their jobs. Anyone who has ever worked with me has certainly heard me get on my soapbox and give the same speech:

“I will never ask you to do something I haven’t done a dozen times myself”

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One does not simply ask for a promotion

In another life I was a manager at Microsoft (both in the US and Ireland) and during that time I learned more than a few things on the job, from formal training & most importantly from various mentors that have served me well to this day.

So what was the big thing I learned in terms of upward career progression?

You don’t ask for a promotion, you show you are already doing it

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