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How to scale your web socket server (WSS) using Redis Cache

TL;DR Check out the sample code on Github.

I was recently asked if Azure PaaS (Web Apps) & Azure Load Balancers supported Web Sockets, and I said yes, because well I read that it did. But I never tried it so I figured I’ll follow the Chat App tutorial from to try it for myself. Easy enough, I created the local app, added it to a git repo then deployed it to Azure Web Apps and everything worked as expected (How to use git to deploy node to Azure? Read: Continuous deployment using GIT in Azure App Service).

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Deploying an existing ASP.NET & WCF project to Azure Cloud Services

Azure Cloud Services

TL;DR: Clone & follow the steps from my GitHub repo WCFDemoApp to get started.

Recently I was able to work with a local company that had a fairly common 2-tier environment consisting of a web front end in ASP.NET and a middle tier (API) using WCF connected to a SQL database all hosted in their co-location environment on their own servers. They wanted to move this workload to the cloud and so I took this opportunity to build a walkthough on how to do exactly that.

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Public Cloud Anxiety – Dealing with maintenance & failures of VMs

I had an interesting call with a partner this week where the client of the partner did not want the servers (virtual machines aka VMs) deployed to the public cloud (in this case Azure) because of potential downtime. Their fundamental concern was due to planned maintenance where the host systems are patched & rebooted as needed which can lead to downtime. This is one of those good and bad things. The good being the host systems are patched and up to date (good for security & overall system health) but yes bad because it means that the system could be down for a short period of time, but only if you only run single instances!

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Deploying a VM using Azure Resource Manager – Part 1

In a previous post I introduced you to the Azure Marketplace where you can deploy solutions or publish your own for free for for a fee. The Azure MarketPlace uses the Azure Resource Manager technology to programatically define these deployments however even if you don’t intend to publish in the MarketPlace it’s still handy to define your own infrastructure for dev, test and production setups.

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What is the Azure Marketplace?

To understand the Azure Marketplace let’s start with the Virtual Machine Gallery and a tale of two portals.

VM Gallery

Virtual Machine Gallery

The Virtual Machine Gallery allows you to quickly and easily deploy a Virtual Machine running your desired operating system (OS) such as Windows Server or a Linux distro such as Ubuntu, Suse etc. It also allows you to deploy a Virtual Machine pre-configured with a workload such as Visual Studio, SQL Server, SharePoint (trial), BizTalk, Puppet and more.

The key point here is that is makes it easy to deploy a single pre-configured Virtual Machine image.

What powers this? Something called Service Management API which internally uses “RDFE” which stands for RedDog Front End (RedDog being the code name for Azure back in the day).

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