Not in my job description

This seemingly innocent, possibly factual statement of “not in my job description” gets my blood boiling. Without going into the details of who’s and when’s let’s just say I’ve been hearing this more and more from people as they complain about their jobs. Anyone who has ever worked with me has certainly heard me get on my soapbox and give the same speech:

“I will never ask you to do something I haven’t done a dozen times myself”

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Getting started with Microsoft Edge as a Developer

Edge is Microsoft’s newest browser for Windows 10. I genuinely dig it, the overall UX feels more like an “app” than a “browser” if that makes any sense. It’s still missing some key features like cloud sync’d favs and of course extensions (which are coming as they were announced at //BUILD but no official release date as of yet).

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Deploying a VM using Azure Resource Manager – Part 1

In a previous post I introduced you to the Azure Marketplace where you can deploy solutions or publish your own for free for for a fee. The Azure MarketPlace uses the Azure Resource Manager technology to programatically define these deployments however even if you don’t intend to publish in the MarketPlace it’s still handy to define your own infrastructure for dev, test and production setups.

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One does not simply ask for a promotion

In another life I was a manager at Microsoft (both in the US and Ireland) and during that time I learned more than a few things on the job, from formal training & most importantly from various mentors that have served me well to this day.

So what was the big thing I learned in terms of upward career progression?

You don’t ask for a promotion, you show you are already doing it

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What is the Azure Marketplace?

To understand the Azure Marketplace let’s start with the Virtual Machine Gallery and a tale of two portals.

VM Gallery

Virtual Machine Gallery

The Virtual Machine Gallery allows you to quickly and easily deploy a Virtual Machine running your desired operating system (OS) such as Windows Server or a Linux distro such as Ubuntu, Suse etc. It also allows you to deploy a Virtual Machine pre-configured with a workload such as Visual Studio, SQL Server, SharePoint (trial), BizTalk, Puppet and more.

The key point here is that is makes it easy to deploy a single pre-configured Virtual Machine image.

What powers this? Something called Service Management API which internally uses “RDFE” which stands for RedDog Front End (RedDog being the code name for Azure back in the day).

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